Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hewitt PASS Achievement Test

Why is the PASS® Test the right test for my student?

By The Hewitt Staff

Hewitt PASS  Achievement Test

The PASS® Test was developed specifically for homeschoolers. It has certain similarities to other achievement tests in that it measures student achievement in the subjects of reading, language, and mathematics. But it has important differences:

It was designed for parents to administer at home. This can greatly reduce the stress level of testing. We do not require that a certified teacher administer it.
  • It is untimed, which helps students relax. 
  • It consists of many test levels instead of one per grade. As a result, students take a shorter test and find most questions challenging but not frustrating. By contrast, tests for an entire grade must cover a broad range of abilities, and therefore many items are either too hard or too easy. A brief placement test is included with the PASS® Test 
  • While the PASS® results show personal achievement and national percentile comparisons like other tests, they also include home school percentiles and improvement suggestions for each subject. 
  • Because of the inherent stress of testing and our informal approach to teaching lower elementary grades, the PASS® test is available for grades three through eight.

The states of Alaska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii, and Washington have officially approved the PASS® Test for purposes of state reporting. In these states and others which require testing, you should check with your local school district to make sure it meets its requirements.

Hewitt PASS Achievement Test
The most accurate measure of academic growth is achieved by testing both at the beginning of your school year, and then again at the end. PASS® Tests can be ordered at any time during the year, but they must be at least six months apart. We request you administer the test and return it within four weeks. Once the test has been returned, we will score it and send you a detailed analysis of the student’s performance typically within two weeks.

Learn more about the PASS® Test on our website.

To order student tests for a single family, please click here. For student tests for groups, please call us at 800-348-1750.

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