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The Hewitt School - English Requirements

The Hewitt School

English Requirements

By The Hewitt Staff

We’re often asked at The Hewitt School how we use the Lightning Lit program with our students.  Our syllabi – three different tracks: college-prep, honors, and basic (remedial) – outline the quarterly and yearly requirements.  Some things are the same for all students:

  • Comprehension questions are answered either verbally or in writing.
  • Vocabulary work is required (their own vocabulary notebook from the reading or a vocabulary curriculum).
  • Papers are 1-2 pages long; two are written on each full-length book and one for short pieces.
  • A year-long research paper is required in Grades 10-12.

Students following the Basic Track work through one Lightning Lit guide per year (but also work on grammar from a program of their choice).  Students in the College-Prep or Honors program finish two Lightning Lit Guides per year (no outside grammar required).  Honors students do one extra book report per quarter from the corresponding time period.

We've created a document that shows you what’s required of English students in the Hewitt School by track and by year.  You can follow our example, or make your own choices (e.g. you might choose to do only one paper per book). The Lightning Lit Teacher Guides not only provide the answers to the comprehension questions, but also grading tips and forms.   

Unfortunately we can’t send you a teacher in a box, but our English enrollment is the next best thing.  Our teachers grade each paper as it is submitted (if you select the email option) or at the end of the quarter.  It is this expertise that takes the bulk of the workload off the parent.  And while you can certainly use Lightning Lit on your own, doesn't it sound nice to have someone grading those papers for you?

Take a look at the entire Hewitt Lightning Lit series.

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The Hewitt School

English Requirements

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