Thursday, July 24, 2014

Homeschool Survival Kit - Item 1 - Toothpick

Homeschool Survival Kit

Welcome to Homeschooling!

We would like to share with you what we believe are some guiding principles of Homeschooling. These ideas come from over 30 years of experience in the homeschool movement.  Please give us your thoughts and stories about your own homeschooling experiences.

We trust you have already made your decision to home school. Therefore, we will not attempt to present the many arguments in favor of this form of education. Rather, we have chosen to provide advice, suggestions, and tips on how to make your homeschooling experience work for you and your children.

In a New Year’s sermon, a pastor listed nine points to see us through the year one day at a time. We thought they applied to homeschooling perfectly. We suggest that you refer to them frequently, because it’s easy to forget that principles are the most important things that you are teaching.

Item 1 - Toothpick 

Pick out the positive, praise
“To pick” means you are choosing. Pick out the good and strong points of your students each day rather than emphasizing their weaknesses or failures. Praise them for at least five things for each fault that you bring up.  

Share your stories with us.

Excerpted from the Hewitt Home Education Guide

At Hewitt Homeschooling Resources:

We provide services and products for parents who want each child to “develop a mind for a lifetime of use.”

We hope that this will help you raise balanced children by providing them with the tools to become well-rounded, well-educated, caring adults.

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