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For over 30 years Hewitt has provided high-quality curriculum, individualized teacher services, and PASS™ Testing (standardized achievement tests for Grades 3-8). As a non-profit corporation we are dedicated to helping home-schooling families provide their students with the best possible education — in other words we hope to help you do what our company slogan says, “develop a mind for a lifetime of use.”

In more recent years, our Lightning Literature program (Lightning Lit & Comp), has become our flagship product. We currently have programs for grades 7-12, with elementary being rolled out.  Please take a  look at our free samples on the Lightning Lit & Comp page of our website.

Many companies carry everything including the kitchen sink. At Hewitt, we hand-pick each book, because we think it is the best for that age and subject. Some material is Christian-oriented; others are from secular publishers.

We believe that the best educational experience is a mix of great literature, combined with a good foundation in language and math, and lots of hands-on experience. If you have used something that you think is wonderful and we do not carry it, please recommend it to us. We value your experience and expertise.

For those starting at the beginning of your child’s formal education we have developed programs for Grades Pre-K through Grade 2 (Unit Studies). While covering all of the required scope and sequence for these grades, these programs are laid back, low stress, and are designed to strengthen the bond between you and your child. You will find these "Unit Studies" on the left-side of the Elementary Education page of our website.

All other material is grouped by subject and divided between elementary, junior high, and high school.

Please get in touch with us and tell us how we may assist you!

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